All floor covering types require some maintenance and minimum care to keep their appearance and beauty for many years. You’ll get the best from your Infinium Bamboo, Cork, Engineered, Laminate and Solid Hardwood flooring with these simple tips.

Dirt is the primary enemy of flooring and leads to fine scratches that can make the floor look dull and aged.

Use Floor Mats outside doorways to collect dirt and moisture and vacuum, sweep or slightly damp mop floors regularly.

Place glides or floor protectors under furniture. Use chair pads under rolling chairs. Relative humidity should be maintained between 45-55 % and temperature should be maintained between 19-22 degrees Celsius.
The type and frequency of cleaning required to keep your floor looking new will vary from home to home.

By following these few steps, your floor should maintain its appearance for many years to come:

Simply clean Infinium Flooring with a broom, lightly dampened mop or vacuum cleaner. Remove wet spills immediately to avoid liquid penetrating into the joints of your flooring. Remove sand or abrasive spills to avoid scratching of your floor. Wipe off heel marks and stubborn stains with a moist cloth. DO NOT USE WET CLOTHS AND DO NOT TREAT WITH WATER!
Although Infinium Laminate flooring is very durable, accidents can still happen resulting in damage to one of the panels. In most cases minor damage can be repaired using the Infinium repair kit but when it’s necessary to replace a panel the following technique should be used:

Repair Picture

With a circular saw, cut out center of damaged panel. (Note: adjust the blade height to the thickness of the panel). First, remove centre piece, then loosen remaining end pieces and pull-out.

Insert a small metal or wood rod (1 / 2″ diameter) directly under the tongue and groove of the remaining piece. Lightly tap on the remaining piece with a hammer in order to break the bond between the tongue and groove.

Remove the two (2) remaining pieces and thoroughly clean-out the four (4) seams of the adjacent panels.

Prior to installing the new panel B, remove: Bottom edge of groove on the entire length of panel and the tongue on the full width of panel.

Apply glue into the groove of of panel A and spread glue to the tongue of panel C. Now insert panel B into groove of panel A and place groove of panel B on top of tongue of panel C.

Place weight on panel B and let glue set for a minimum of 3 hours before walking on the floor.